US version - hinge side of windows & doors

Just noticed that in the US version, the way the hinge side is drawn on windows and doors is incorrect - “arrow” should point to hinge side, not other way around. I understand this might be different in Australia but will produce elevations that are wrong in the US - can this be changed and how?



Thank you for letting us know. Could you please send us all the details for the windows and we will make any necessary changes.

For now you can manually edit the arrows. To do this keep clicking on the arrows until they go blue. Then right click on them and select ‘flip along’ - ‘red’ or ‘blue’. This is the easiest and fastest way until we can update the windows.

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In the UK the point also faces the hinge side.

Please see attached image - same for casement windows.

Thank you for the information guys. We will implement this in the future.

Kind Regards