Updating Costing attribute of BIM objects for a Model

What if costing info gets changed midway through a project?

I may be wrong but I believe that the only way to modify cost info is via the BIM Tool.

If this is true, then couldn’t there be a Modify [size=150]Model BIM[/size] attributes dialog?

A user could select any one BIM attribute (in this case costing info) and then go through the entire list for that attribute, modify the data, and then click an apply button to update the applicable BIM objects.

If the BIM attributes would be in a columnar layout and then perhaps there could be also be a sort function by clicking on the title heading of a column.


Currently we are working on something that will help with this problem and will be able to get a complete estimate from costs. Im not sure if this is what your 100% after.

Hi John, you can modify prices inside of the windows as well. :opening-options:
The new version will answer all of you questions and more. This version will be the full release version. We are using and testing Alpha version now, you will get a beta version as soon as we have a more stable version. :slight_smile: