Update One Wall Parameter but Not All

I would love to be able to update wall material on all my walls at once without also resetting gable, header height etc. Maybe this could be a global parameter or when multiple walls are selected, and materials are changed that only that parameter be updated.

Example, I have house that is basically a box, but because of roof and floor levels I have 15 exterior walls. Cycling through them for the fourth time to change material I am imaging a more efficient approach.

I understand that each wall is essentially a dynamic component, and asking them communicate is tricky. Thanks to Rubysketch for the hardworking innovation!

Hi minimalex,

Thank you for your post and the suggestion.

We have plans to look into this in the future but it hasn’t been confirmed on when this will be yet. In the meantime I will take your suggestion back to the development team for further discussion.

If you have any further enquiries I would be happy to assist.