Update Information

Latest release: v1.3.35 (20th Oct, 2014).

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Latest version can be downloaded from https://buy.plusspec.com/download. Mac/OSX users need to use the RBZ installer (help using the rbz installer).

>>> Platform Support Table
               Sketchup 8   Sketchup 2013   Sketchup 2014   Sketchup 2015  
 ------------ ------------ --------------- --------------- --------------- 
  Windows      No           No              Yes             Yes            
  OSX (Mac)    No           No              Yes             Yes            

Windows users should update to the lastest Internet Explorer version available.
This is available from the following link: windows.microsoft.com/en-us/inte … ownload-ie .

To check your current version:

  • Open SketchUp
  • Open Preferences Menu
    [*] On Windows, this is under the Window menu
  • On Mac/OSX, this is under the SketchUp menu
    ] Click Preferences[/:m]
    ] Click the Extensions option[/:m]
    ] Click the PlusSpec option[/:m]
    ] The current version will then be displayed below the extension description.[/*:m][/list:u]

Minor releases may not be listed here, but the changes will be listed as inclusive in the appropriate patch notes.

b[/b] → v1.2.0 (9th May, 2014)

  • Add: Split Wall
  • Add: Merge Walls
  • Add: Plugin Settings now available in Plugins > PlusSpec > Settings
  • Update: Change TNC/EULA from Beta conditions to release conditions
    [*] You may read the updated terms at https://buy.plusspec.com/plusspec-prerelease/terms

] Update: Interactive Tutorial for new tools and layout[/:m]
] Update: Default values for tools[/:m]
] Update: Various Dynamic Components[/:m]
] Update: Some tools will now show status bar messages[/:m]
] Update: :wall-tool: alignment can now be changed using the [kbd]RIGHT[/kbd] key[/:m]
] Update: Drawing a slab from face will now make the surface area equal to that fo the face[/:m]
] Fix: Launch issues when using SketchUp 2014[/:m]
] Fix: Installer will no longer install ruby unless it is needed[/:m]
] Fix: Various internal issues[/*:m][/list:u]

v1.2.0v1.3.0 (30th May, 2014)

  • Add: :wall-tool: now has basic tooltips

  • Add: New Roof Tool ( :roof-tool3: )
    [*] Rewritten from scratch

  • Supports split level roofs

  • Old roof tool still available by using the :roof-tool: icon
    ] Add: Roof Pitch Tool ( :roof-pitch-tool: )

  • Roof generated using the :roof-tool3: can have the pitch of any face altered
    ] Add: USA Package now available

  • See downloads section at https://buy.plusspec.com
    ] Update: Wall dimensions now read left-to-right looking from the outside in :window-tool: and :door-tool: [/:m]
    ] Update: Distribution now contains source for requirements, this should make installation faster[/:m]
    ] Update: Terms and conditions have changed. Check https://buy.plusspec.com/plusspec-prerelease/terms for new terms[/:m]
    ] Fix: Sill timbers will now have the correct orientation[/:m]
    ] Fix: All roof entities will now be layered correctly[/:m]
    ] Fix: Removed redundant message when license is missing[/:m]
    ] Fix: :bim-tool: will now reject characters that will break DC processing[/:m]
    ] Remove: :wall-tool: no longer has bisector override[/*:m][/list:u]

v1.3.0v1.3.1 (10th June, 2014)

  • Add: OSX (Mac) Support

v1.3.1v1.3.3 (26th June, 2014)

  • Add: Layer Selection option in :bim-tool:
  • Fix: Debug code causing some dialog issues on Windows
  • Fix: Some path issues in OSX
  • Fix: Numerous internal changes

v1.3.4v1.3.5 (3rd July, 2014)

  • Add: More Stair components
  • Add: Generic roof cappings for slate and tile roofs
  • Fix: A number of issues with USA materials
  • Fix: Layering issue with stair components
  • Update: Scene generator layers and styles

v1.3.5v1.3.6 (4th July, 2014)

  • Fix: Roof fascia and capping issues

v1.3.6v1.3.8 (9th July, 2014)

  • Add: version to toolbar (note: removed in v1.3.10)
  • Add: Context menu entries for roofs
  • Add: Context menu entries for windows and doors
  • Add: Fibre Cement
  • Fix: Roof estimation issues
  • Fix: BIM Tool needlessly updating definition name (@JClements)

v1.3.8v1.3.9 (10th July, 2014)

  • Fix: Web Dialogs get stuck on “Loading” when using IE 8, 9 and 10
  • Fix: Roofs returning to original position after redraw

v1.3.9v1.3.10 (10th July, 2014)

  • Fix: Toolbar un-docking after updating

v1.3.10v1.3.17 (28th July, 2014)

  • Add: More context menu entries for some entities
  • Fix: Stud Timber now has a default when using the USA package

Also includes various other internal changes.

v1.3.17v1.3.27 (1st Sep, 2014)

  • Add: More context menu entries for some entities
  • Add: Take Off will now use localised units
  • Update: Garage door components
  • Update: Remove unused textures
  • Fix: Inconsistent roof position when using context menu
  • Fix: Some components not saved for SketchUp 8

Also includes various other internal changes.

v1.3.27v1.3.35 (20th Oct, 2014)

  • Add: Help button on toolbar :help-tool:
  • Add: New materials
  • Add: New debug information generator
  • Add: Help tool-tips for some tools
  • Add: Rectangular concrete option in :post-tool:
  • Add: Ability to change origin in :post-tool:
  • Add: Window options
  • Add: Wall Surface Tool
  • Update: Metric units should be more uniform
  • Update: Scenes
  • Update: :bim-tool: notes are now optional

Also includes various other internal or minor changes changes.