Units of measure

Hey there PlusSpec team,

I am an avid SketchUp user and I’m very excited about using PlusSpec. I am a US customer that just purchased my license. My question is that I have noticed that I have a mix of imperial and metric units. Is there any way to set all units of measure to imperial units? I can enter wall heights, header heights and fine detail to my walls using imperial units, but all the materials are in metric. Is there a way or will there be a way in the future to use US materials ie; 2x4’s 2x6’s 2x10’s and so on as well as US base companies for doors, windows, furniture, interior and exterior finishes? I also noticed that all the components are in metric units as well.


Hi Scott,

At the moment you can set Sketchup to an imperial unit of measurement and use the software that way. Materials however are built into the software. We are working on a US version as we speak. Any material information from our users would be beneficial to us here in Australia and it will speed up the development process to get all US materials out for you guys.

if you’d like you can provide me all the materials you work with and give me as much information available about the material as you can?

e.g. Sizing, Company name, website etc

my email is:


Thanks Scott.