Truss tool not working

Hi All,
Thank you for all of your assistance on my previous obstacles. Your always great at finding a solution!
I updated to SketchUp V 24.2.0 on windows 10.
I have sync materials a few times, reset default. If I open roof tool-truss I don’t get a red notice that an item is incomplete. I get a popup that says "there are still incomplete items. Truss tool will not operate.
Floor joist etc all seem to operate correctly.
Thanks again,

Good day James,

Thank you for posting to the forum. I have emailed you directly in relation to this issue in regards to a solution. Look forward in hearing back from you.

Pease share the solution as I am having the same problem!

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My guess is the tag is turned off? I’ll test it when i get to the office.

Thank you I have emailed you directly in relation to this for a temporary solution. Our development team are currently working on this. I will be in touch once we have an update.