Trouble with Scene/Styles


I have used Plusspec to model a simple residential structure. Plusspec has created all the scenes for me, and then when I go back to these scenes after viewing other scenes, they are all changed to match another scene I have just previously updated and/or clicked on. I have been updating the scene tabs methodically.

For example, after updating my section scenes, I go back into my elevation scenes and they also now have sections cut through them. Also, When I click on my floor plan scene tab and then go back to my elevation scene, they have a horizontal cut through them. Also, in one instance my presentation view looks all good and then I click on the say, floor plan scene and I go back to the same presentation scene without doing a thing to the model, and now the presentation has a horizontal cut plane through it.

This is where I left it last night, then when I first opened the model this morning, everything seemed to work fine for about 10 minutes. Each scene was staying as they should be.

I then sent the model to Layout, and the scenes didn’t look right. I went back into SU and the same issue was happening again where each scene would change to the style of the previously viewed scene.

I restarted SU without saving to get me back to where I was when it seemed to work fine when I first opened it this morning. Now when I click on each scene tab, each scene is different every time I go back to it. It changes style to match the style in the previously viewed scene.

Something is not right. Please help.


Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your post.

The similar scenes in PlusSpec (e.g. all elevation or all section scenes) use the same style so that if you make a change to one of them an option will appear to either use this style for the others or create a new one.

I’m not quite sure what’s happening here as I haven’t come across it before. Does this issue happen in a new model or just this model you’re working on? If it’s just this model all I can think is that perhaps when you updated your scenes maybe you had the wrong scene selected.

What I would recommend to do is to reinstall SketchUp and see if that fixes the issue you’re having. If you need to download it again, the link below will take you to the SketchUp downloads page. Would you be able ot please let me know if this fixes the issue?