In Windows 10 after updating to PlusSpec v16.2.1, Windows Defender decided one of the installed files was a Trojan as follows:

Alert Level: Severe
Date: 23/06/2016 1:45 PM
Action taken: Quarantined

Upon opening Sketchup I also get this ‘Load Error’ pop up:

Is this a false positive ?

is the error related to the quarantined file ?

Hi jwhida,

I’m certain the Trojan issue doesn’t have anything to do with PlusSpec (it may be another program on your computer) and it definitely isn’t related to the ‘Load Error’.

To fix the ‘Load Error’ you’ll need to manually uninstall PlusSpec then reinstall it. There is a section at the bottom of our FAQ page which explains how to do this. The link to this page is below.

ok, the file was
i will re-download