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I am very interested in this software but there is a definite lack of real information on the website. I would look at the Tutorials but they come up as “Coming Soon”. Every program has it’s pluses and minuses and the only way to evaluate it is to try it out. I certainly would not buy a program at this cost without trying it. Do you have plans for a trial version?

Hi KrisM,

Thanks for your message. The link to the tutorials are down below please have a look. … mA&index=2

With the trial version we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

if you still would like a trial version could please send me an email back with your company information and I will produce a trial license for you

my email:


Thank you for the tutorial link.
With regard to the trial version, do I understand that I will have to buy the software to try it? I think that the normal implementation of a trial version is that that it is free for typically 30 days and then one would have to purchase.
This certainly true for almost every cad software I can think of.

Hi Kris,

I can produce a Trial License for you, could you please email me your company information so I can insert it to my Database, I’ll have a free trial license ready for you.

Company Website, Company Name, a suitable Email address for yourself so I can make the license out to the company email etc.


Info coming. Thanks.

Thanks Kris,

I’ve sent you your license. let me know how you go.


Hello Everyone,

Just to ensure that there is no confusion, please note that the 30 day guarantee offer, mentioned in this Forum post, was only available for the first month after release (April 2015). This offer is no longer available, and it has long since been removed from our website and our Terms and Conditions.