Timbers section of this window tool

Hi team,

I’m not sure what’s going on here with the timbers section of this window tool, I’ve placed two windows along this wall which should have a 140x35 header and triple jam studs which do not generate with the window when it’s placed. I know you mentioned that the void tool works on your model. Could this be an issue with my installation of Sketchup/plusdesignbuild or is this a known issue?

Thanks Josh.

**Currently using Sketchup 21, using Windows, PlusDesignBuild V23.2

Hi Josh,

For headers (and some other members) to be drawn in the wall framing the walls need to be marked as a “load bearing wall”.
If you edit the wall & select either of the “yes” options from the ‘Load Bearing Wall?’ field then you should see headers in the wall. See the image fore more info.
Load Bearing Wall Field.png