The First Rule of PlusSpec is: There Are No Rules!

Hello All,

PlusSpec offers architects and designers total design freedom, and incorporates parametric modelling within the native SketchUp platform, so that any design option can be sketched out and explored quickly and easily in either BIM or free-form 3D. We understand that traditional BIM can be perceived as restricting design freedom due to software limitations and complexity. PlusSpec for SketchUp is the first BIM/VDC program in the world to provide ultimate design freedom. You can design parametrically, or in free-form 3D, with ease!

One of the trickiest things for our new users is understanding when to use parametrics (BIM), and when to revert to free-form modelling (standard SketchUp tools) - and this will depend on each project, and your own drawing methodologies. Many of our users forget that although it is best practice to draw parametrically, there are instances where it is better to free-form model.

PlusSpec for SketchUp gives you the best of both worlds: Intelligent parametrics, combined with intuitive, free form modelling. And this is why, The First Rule of PlusSpec is: There Are No Rules!