TakeOff into Excel

Hi Folks,

Have been hoping for a method to get a TakeOff in a format that can be used for analysis, and after some experiments have discovered a workaround until the team are able to provide a CSV or similar export feature.

Method applies to Chrome on Win7.

  1. Generate the desired TakeOff using the PlusSpec tool.
  2. Once opened in Chrome, right click in the window and select, “Save As”.
  3. Select format as “WebPage, HTML Only”
  4. Now open this HTML file with Excel and voila the data is there. The JavaScript code is also in there so you need to clean this out, but the table of TakeOff data is easily extracted.

Not elegant, but very functional.

Hi All,

I came to a similar conclusion… only difference was I am running Firefox… was going to right a small tutorial but TDC has a good base process description anyway.


Nice one. Works a treat.

Thanks for the work around.

There’s a new take-off system that gives you more functionality, it will be released in the next couple of months.