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:takeoff: Hi

Thanks for all your help so far,

How do i get take off into a spreadsheet or word so can edit ?

Look forward to your answer

Thanks Jeffery

Hi Jeffery,

The best way I currently use to get a take-off into excel or word is to copy and paste your information across.

The best thing to do copy and paste your information in numerical order. Follow the steps below for an accurate copy and paste.

  1. In Excel write down your first heading (eg, 16_Slab)
  2. Copy all the quantities like shown below.

Copying Quantities.jpg

  1. Paste information into excel or word. This will also allow you to edit and create your own formulas.
  2. Redo all these steps for each heading. May seem time consuming when you read this but in reality it is very efficient.

Hope this answer was helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dean

I just stumbled on this process.

1.Select >copy > paste anything on web page into a excel cell
2. paste options > create refreshable web query >import

every layer is opened up

Just adding to this process

  1. paste options > create refreshable web query > web Query options >formatting : > none> import

This seems to ensure full capture of report

Hi Jeffery,

This is a great process and is so quick and easy. I recommend every user who uses Excel to use this process.

From what I know this will currently only work on Excel 2013 and up.

Thank you for this :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

I created this process using windows 7 & Excel 2007

Ok I just figured out how to do this in Excel 2007. The process is longer but it is possible.

We are going to create a tutorial on this for everyone to see and use.

Kind Regards


Great work Jeffery!

I didn’t really understand where to find these options so I googled it and found this way which was super easy:


  • In excel (2013), go to the data tab and select ‘from web’ icon

  • enter the URL of the plusspec MTO page that has is generated when you do a take- off

  • That will import all take- off tabs into one worksheet.

  • This can be updated as changes are made to the model by clicking the ‘refresh all’ button in the excel> data tab


Thanks for showing this :slight_smile: greatly appreciate it.

Kind Regards