Take off/pricing tool

Can I only give prices to things drawn with PlusSpec with the take off/pricing tool?
Do I have to buy estimatorforsketchup.com to calculate other things I draw manually?

Here you say that PlusSpec always remember you prices… is this just in the file you are working in? Or can I go inside any file and update my prices and then all prices on every drawing/file I have made is up to date? https://youtu.be/0XN6F5RcnTI?t=2m39s

Is there a way to backup these prices?

Is there a way to update the prices in Excel? And then all my drawings are up to date, reading the price from the Excel file?
Can you also add a new feature so I can draw with the materials or timbers I have made in PlusSpec and calculate this? And calculate/takeoff other materials and components I make?

Hi Kentinge, you can add a price to anything in Sketchup using PlusSpec, it’s been available to for the last 2 years, it does not matter what it is, it could be a dot a rectangle a prism a group, a component or even text. You can also organise them in your take off, under genre and reuse these items by saving them as components.

Another helpful tip is to save common wall types and materials as components and to use them over and over, you may always use a certain cavity, step down, drop off or materials and you do not want to mess with selections, it is a great way to get more done in less time. There are two ways to do this:
(1). draw the wall with all of the features and specifications you require, then save in your default template. Now every time you open Sketchup your standard all types are sitting there ready to go. Right click create similar wall and you are away
(2). Draw a wall and select the wall and create a component from the wall. Save the component in a folder in Sketchup components. Everything you open your components browser you can navigate to the folder and drag and drop the component into your model. If you want the wall to work para metrically, right click, explode the component it almost like it has been cryogenically frozen, it comes back to life like Austin powers in teh spy who shagged me. :laughing: :slight_smile:
I can do a specific tutorial on this if that is off assistance. There is an example here youtube.com/watch?v=wrwDc0m0cn4 scroll through to 7 minutes to see how to do this.

In 2017 we have some real treats for people using PlusSpec for estimation, project management. I can’t talk too much about it, yet it is exactly, did I say exactly? sorry I meant exactly what estimators, builders or anyone who wants to figure out the entire cost of a project.

Building Information Modeling in Sketchup is a reality that a lot of people are just starting to get their head around. I am planning to do some group training on the subject that is specifically targeted at builders. Reply here if you want to get involved.

If you are new to PlusSpec please take teh time to do the tutorial on the PlusSpec page when they open. They give you the foundation to build upon, in 2 weeks you will be a pro even if you have never used a computer before.

Sorry I missed you second post.
When you save your prices they will save in PlusSpec and will be available every time you open Plusspec.

In the next version of PlusSpec you will be able to upload from Excel (CSV)and download to Excel (CSV). and more…

Prices are currently backed up in PlusSpec currently, yet we have some cool things coming.

This is already available in teh current version. :smiley:

Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to hearing how you go.

I thinking that I understood it after watching this video: youtube.com/watch?v=k8ChVpjdJes

But can i only add cost pr. Quantity… can’t I add cost per meter, per m2 and so on??

If i have the same component/material that I want to use more than one place in different length… how shall this be done? I want the takeoff do give total lengths in meters or m2

Can you let me know what you are trying to quantify? Can you give an example? Timber/ lumber/wood are quantified in lineal, concrete, in cubic, roofing in square. I can then let you know the best way to suit your needs.

Kentige, Can you let me know a bit more about yourself and what you do? I may be able to assist further when I understand what you are using PlusSpec for and the results you are trying to achieve. Some use PlusSpec for initial feasibility studies, detailed estimating, material ordering, detailed quantification, purchase ordering and project management.
If you tell me what you are trying to achieve and why I will be able to answer your questions more accurately.

I test + spec at the moment
:takeoff: Takeoff works in html but the excel file xls is impossible to open with libroffice, google spreadsheet and other soft.
I tried to change the name of the extension, it does not work.
Have you a solution? Export csv for soon?


Hi Kentinge, this is a late reply which you probably already know the answers if you’ve upgraded to PlusDesignBuild. Yet PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild remember prices globally, EG you add prices to one model and it will remember them for the next model.
PlusDesignBuild has price export in CSV format and you can save different files and import them according to project type, age or whatever.
As far as pricing goes you can import and export the following

  1. Import and export material price, ( all or in the model)
  2. Import and export Component pricing ( all or in the model)

Here are other things you can now export to Excel and or CSV:

  1. Client quote: Itemised and categorized
  2. Window Schedule
    3: Material order list ( round up to standard sizes)
  3. Material cut list
  4. Export model with/without recipes (recipes are items you would associate with a material EG sand and cement with bricks).
    6.Export model summary
  5. Export exclusions ( Eg client wants to supply their own framing or Kitch you can exclude and report on the exclusions)
  6. Export labour cost associated. See item 5. recipes

If you have not got PlusDesignBuidl you can get it here https://plusspec.com/plusdesignbuild/