Hi there,
I am testing the plusspec extension with my sketchup 2016 pro and have a question or two:
– I took a screenshot but can’t upload it, but wanted to show you what is required of my plans when we draft them (symbols, such as electrical symbols etc) – when using the component tool with plusspec (for example power outlet) it looks very realistic in 3D but in 2D it is not visible. Is there a way to have a component become a generally accepted symbol in 2D?

– In the component tool i was able to find items such as bathtub etc, but no actual piping and valves? Can you assist?
Essentially I would like to be able to use Plusspec to create working drawings.

Hi qeaou,

The electrical components from the Component Tool have 2D symbols embedded in them on a different layer so that when you create your scenes and select one of the electrical scenes the symbols will be turned on (he layer is ‘Electrical Symbols’). If there are any missing symbols or if you use different symbols I would recommend drawing them in another file and saving it so that you can easily copy & paste them into your models.

If you are wanting to add piping to you model we have a MEP Tool which creates pipes, ducts, etc. I’ve attached an image which shows where the MEP Tool is located. If you click the orange question mark at the top right of the dialogue it will take you to tutorials on how to use it.
MEP Tool Location.jpg

I’m have a similar question. I’m doing wet area layouts and the 3D plumbing components in Plusspec aren’t useful in 2D and I’m spending hours importing dwg files to overlay. Plusspec isn’t 3D to 2D like your marketing suggests and I wish I didn’t subscribe for the full year.

Hi Dave, inside Sketchup, you can change the line visibility in the styles. It’s pretty easy, actually.

PlusSpec automatically creates scenes and inside these scenes, it changes styles; you can edit these styles to suit your workflow and taste.

How to change your style to show rounded edges in 2D

  1. Go to Styles in your default tray on PC it is in WINDOW>DEFAULT TRAY> STYLES
  2. Click the “edit” tab (see/click on the image below)
  3. Check the “Profiles” tick box (you can type in the line weight I usually use 3)
  4. If you are happy with the line weight, simply click update the scene (see image below)
    Creating 2D bathroom drawings from 3D geometry in Sketchup with PlusSpec.jpg

Dave, don’t be so hard on yourself mate, if you are creating 3d models estimating and you’ve started 2d documentation all in one week, man, that is pretty darn good! It takes months to learn that in Revit or Archicad. Also, don’t forget there are hundreds of tutorials on our Youtube channel or you can book some one-on-one training. My tip is to Google search : How to _______ in PlusSpec, it will come up and save you a heap pf time.
I hope that helps, please don’t hesitate to reach out here, we are here to help.