SU-PRO 2017 does not see my PLUS-SPEC ?

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[i][b]I’ve just installed SU-PRO 2017 & re-installed all my SU EXTENSIONS. I also just downloaded the latest version of PLUS-SPEC & completed the installation process. However PLUS-SPEC does not appear as it usually does by asking for user name/e-mail or password to install with the associated SU re-start. It just doesn’t appear to even see it, as there is no recognition PLUSSPEC has been installed.

Therefore, I urgently need assistance on this matter.[/b][/i]

Using WIN10-Pro.

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Ps. I’ve since discovered the PLUS-SPEC install file only goes up to SketchUP 2016 for components ? see attachment

Pps. Thanks Drew, I just went back to your website & found the alternative .rbz file link & download, all is now installed o.k. :slight_smile:

PLUS-SPEC no SU2017 install..JPG

what is the support status/timeline for plusspec and sketchup 2017 ?

Hi Guys,

We are currently testing out PlusSpec with SketchUp 17 and will be releasing an update over the next couple of days.

You are still able to install PlusSpec in SketchUp 17 using the PlusSpec rbz file and installing it via the new Extension Manager (Window > Extension Manager). The link to download the rbz is at the bottom of our downloads page. The link to this page is below.