Stud Spacing - Sheet Aligned

Hi Andrew,

Is there away to adjust how the stud spacing is calculated and applied within PlusSpec. I’ve also posted this query in the “Suggestions” section.

As an example a 3600mm wall with studs at 600 centres (7 studs) results in PlusSpec placing the first stud at “0” then simply moving each stud along 600mm. This results in a 1200mm sheet product not aligning with stud centres.

In reality to align stud centres with sheet goods the first stud is at zero the second stud would be at 577.5mm, the next 4 studs at increments of 600mm then the final stud at an increment of 577.5mm.

The above calculations are based on a 45mm wide stud and I have attached the below images to illustrate this point.

There maybe a setting I’m missing that solves the issue but to date I haven’t noticed one. I’d definitely be interested in a solution to this problem.

for anyone who is interested here is the answers todate.