Stud Spacing - Sheet Aligned

Hi Andrew,

Is there away to adjust how the stud spacing is calculated and applied within PlusSpec.

As an example a 3600mm wall with studs at 600 centres (7 studs) results in PlusSpec placing the first stud at “0” then simply moving each stud along 600mm. This results in a 1200mm sheet product not aligning with stud centres.

In reality to align stud centres with sheet goods the first stud is at zero the second stud would be at 577.5mm, the next 4 studs at increments of 600mm then the final stud at an increment of 577.5mm.

The above calculations are based on a 45mm wide stud and I have attached the below images to illustrate this point.

There maybe a setting I’m missing that solves the issue but to date I haven’t noticed one. I’d definitely be interested in a solution to this problem.



Yes I understand what you are saying, let me have a play with it and see what I can organise.The same goes with sheet flooring, it saves a lot of off cuts. No doubt you come from a trade background? .

Hi Andrew,

Yes this would be great for flooring as well. And yes… I am “in the trade.”


Ok it is on the agenda.
No doubt you like the :takeoff: tool?
I have not done any advanced tutorials on this, let me know when you get to a point where you need to know more.
Layers are very important when you get into PlusSpec further as they control the output (4D) for sequencing. We are working on a a couple of things in this space now.

:bulb: TIP
Open Sketchup in a blank template. click :job-tool: fill in your default details and then go to file .>save as template.
This way you will never have to fill in all of the details again. Simply change the job address before emailing or printing the estimate list. :smiley:

I find myself doing 10 or 20 take offs on a job before I am happy that I have covered everything for ordering. It is amazing how much you save in time when PlusSpec prompts you to consider things that can get missed easily when doing a traditional take off from a 2d Plan.

If you are in the building game getting a quote back quickly to a client puts you atthe top of the list when it comes to efficiency. I find if I get a quote back to a client that is detailed and accurate my strike rate of success goes from 50% to 90%. No doubt you will know how much time and money that will save you. Quoting day is the day I dreaded, now it is so much easier.

Oh you should know the BIM tool is getting some work done to it. I hope for new update to be out today! Also wall tool will have the ability to select where you owuld like to draw form by using the right arrow :arrow_right:

Hi Andrew,

I had already altered my “master templates” to include “PluSpec Job Info” by default… does indeed save time… especially as I have been creating lots of “new” files to test PlusSpec in differing scenarios.

The takeoff abilitiy of PlusSpec is/will be a game changer in the industry. The ability to customise and add pricing rates and output as a true excel file etc will lift it to an invaluable level.

Looking forward to the forthcoming new versions.


Hi Andrew,

Any idea when you might have the spacing issue sorted?

Thanks in advance, Z

We are working on it now. The solution is to duct half the thickness of the stud from the first stud spacing. The problem with this is when a window is added the spacing will reset itself. So basically we are adding a tool to the right click menu that allows you to add a stud. This will allow you to work cladding spacings. Sorry for the delay but there is a lot if work involved.
Regardless it’s a good point.
Are you using the model to create a plan for your Carpenters to work from?

Hi Andrew,

Indeed, I like to create plans that are as fully specified and as "foolproof’ as possible… right down to layout/measurement/positioning of studs/joists/rafters etc. This then naturally leads to the correct cladding spacings/fixing points etc.

As a workaround I have been delving in to the components and manually moving the studs by the required amounts… only problem there, as you mentioned, if I then alter the model by adding a window for instance the studs are reset.

Really looking forward to your planned fix. If you would like me to help “test” the solution please let me know.


No problems, you will be the first to know. Thanks for your advice :smiley: