Stud Frame color


Is it possible to change the color of the Stud Frame to black?

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Hi Kent, are you talking about in the 2D view? If so you can select colour by layer in the layer dialog in Sketchup. If you want to save this you can right click the floor plan view and update scene or if you want to keep both colour and B&W you can simply right click the floor plan view and add a scene.

If you want to change any colour or texture and you are using Windows you can simply open the materials menu in Sketchup, choose the colour dropper, select the studs ( or any material) then select edit and change the colour tone, texture.

If you want to always use black studs you can create a material (in your case black) and name it the material size, fill in the details and you are away. If you watch this video in total it will help explain yet from 2 minutes onwards it will get you directly to the right answers. I hope it helps