struggling doing a waffle pod concrete slab design

hi my main slab design for my jobs is a waffle pod design but cant seem to find it anywhere in plus spec. is this available? if not maybe in the near future? as I do believe it is one of the most popular slab designs.

is there a way I can do a waffle pod slab in plus spec?

Hi duplexbuild,

Thank you for your post.

You are able to create waffle pod slabs with PlusSpec. The link below is to a tutorial video which explains how to do this.

If you’re ever not sure how to do something in PlusSpec there’s an orange icon at the top right of the tool dialogs which link to a video tutorial playlist specific to that tool.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

I assume you are looking to automate the edge beam locations according to a particular product?
This is possible to do if we create a brand-specific or custom pod slab tool. If you would like me to look further into your requirements please PM me, if we can automate we will, I just need more information before we do so