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I have just updated One major one is structural elements not showing in the structure scene once i have edited walls. See screenshot attached, whole bottom storey missing and some walls just showing the batons no studs plates or noggins, I am using a mac and Sketchup 23.


Hi Adam,

Regarding “structural elements not appearing”, I’ve looked through the model and think I’ve found what’s causing the issue. It appears as though the user has updated the layering of materials (likely through the ‘Edit Tag & BOQ Category’ feature) which is causing the tag/layer assigned to the framing to be on a different tag/layer that’s turned off for that scene (see image below). I noticed that they used the Beam Tool to create the balustrade so if they want to retain the different tags/layers then my suggestion would be to create a separate material for balustrades & other members.

Regarding the “beams not appearing in the takeoff”, I’m not sure exactly what beams they are mentioning but the issue is probably due to the same reason that I mentioned above. Since the tag/layer has been changed the material may still be in the takeoff but appear in a different section of the takeoff that they aren’t expecting (i.e. advanced framing looks for specific tags/layers, otherwise it’ll be shown in the general takeoff sections). Note: In the Edit Tag & BOQ Category feature, there’s a pop-up message that appears as soon as Submit is clicked which states that changing this info may affect the takeoff.

Thanks Tyler

I have reverted the setting in BOQ and it is still not showing in the correct category . Also when I do a general takeoff the whole balustrade section is not showing, it only shows if I select take of selections only. FYI the warning that shows only says it may affect scenes not the BOQ or takeoff.

Apologies it does say will change takeoff, I was certain it said it would affect scenes. Nevertheless How do I revert it to show all the framing that has been lost, every time I edit a wall the Framing disappears even though I have changed the the tag back to 17_FRAME and the BOQ location

I am Also having an issue with floor finishes not showing in the Takeoff, they only appear when I select them and take off selections only.

Hi Adam,

Whenever a tag/layer has been changed using the Edit Tag & BOQ Category feature all object(s) assigned with the material will need to be redrawn to apply the change to the geometry, which should then update where the items appear in the takeoff. All walls in the model can easily be redrawn by going to Extensions > PlusSpec > Wall Tools > Redraw Walls (All), but the other objects will need to be redrawn as normal via the right-click menus (e.g. right-click > + BEAMS > Edit Beam). For more information on how this feature works, there’s a tutorial located in the orange ‘?’ icon (see image below).

Edt Tag & BOQ Category Tutorial Location in PlusDesignBuild.png
Regarding the floor finish not appearing, it may be appearing in a different area of the takeoff if the tag or BOQ category has been changed. Currently, tags (or subcategories) are grouped together so that if a specific tag is already located within a category (e.g. 19A_BRICKWORK within Masonry) then any material assigned to that tag (e.g. 19A_BRICKWORK) should appear there even if the category is different. This is likely why the material appears when doing a “selection(s) only” takeoff. Reverting or updating the tag & BOQ categories along with redrawing the objects (as explained above) should fix this issue.

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Hi guys, I added this image to a different post, but it is the best way to find an item that is in your BIM inside an estimate/BOQ. FYI, this is a PlusDesignBuild feature only.
How to search or filter an estimate form a BIM  BOQ in PlusSpec PlusDesignBuild for Sketchup .jpg

Thanks guys,

This has resolved the issue I had,

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Glad to hear it, Adam!

Adam you can also use the SEE All tool if you want to see everything in the 3D model in one click :see_all:.