steel lintels in stud walls

each time i install a window into a stud wall with cladding i eventually end up having a angle steel lintel protruding from the wall, I click into the item and delete it out of the model as i do with the arrows that sometimes appear after opening a model for the second time.
Is this something I am doing wrong or is it a requirement to go back to the component and switch this off. I have done this on occasions and but the default returns.
I have experienced some unstable commands and insertions with 2015 & 2016.
Please advise best way forward

I think what would be best is if we have an online training session so that I can explain in person as how everything works and why. I can teach you how to understand layers and how to para-metrically customise components.

The arrows appear due to being on the elevations layer. To turn them off you just have to switch the elevations layer off.

If you are interested in online training please contact me at

Kind Regards