'Start point and distance' [for windows and doors]

Guys, I experience this in a CAD program I have where the user selects a start point, drags the cursor in the direction of the offset [along red, green or blue] and then hit enter to add a distance from that point to start the window / door…

Any chance? Very simple to work and very quick!!

Hi Andrew,

I think I understand what you mean and we do have it.

If you click on a part of the wall to start drawing and then move the cursor (not drag) to the direction you want to draw the window and then write in a measurement and then click enter it will draw a window to the exact size you wrote in.

Is this what you were after Andrew?

Kind regards

Thanks Dean, not really. I’m aware you can size the window / door but the VCB but its more the start point of the window I think we should be able to input from a selected point.

Hi Andrew

Sorry that the answer I gave you wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

In PlusSpec windows and doors the reference point it from the left of the wall. So if you press submit on your window tool and then without pressing anything else type in 1m and the window will start drawing 1m from the left of the wall.

Another way to do this is to draw a line using normal SketchUp where you want the window to start and than select the end of the line, the window will be drawing from your selected point.

If this isn’t what you were after could you please send a screen shot over to me or PM me and I will help you out from there.

Thankyou and kind regards

Thanks Dean, I’ll give it a whirl…

Thats ok Andrew, was this what you were after?