Stairs - riser v steps

Guys, just wondering if the word ‘steps’ should be changed to 'Risers [see attached]. That dialogue refers to the number of risers to the landing where as the number of goings [or treads] is 10… Sorry to be picky. :imp:

Hi Andrew,

I will see what the other guys in office think and if most agree we will fix this for the next update.

Thanks and kind regards

Thanks Dean. Just seems consistent seeing the dialog box refers to risers as well as the 2R+G calculation…

I agree

Hi guys,

This has been updated and you can see all these changes in the new update which went live a few hours ago :slight_smile: enjoy!

Kind Regards

Thanks Dean, how do users currently know what version [build] they are running? Maybe adding something to the start-up DB would be a good start.

This has been updated in the latest versions. Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

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