Stairs - Maximum no of risers

Hi fellas, As I’ve mentioned before, the stair DC is more complete that anything out there!

Apart from one thing: the option for the user to choose the number of risers.

When designing a stair I firstly need to input my max height. Width and tread dimensions are next as they are determined by the space I have to locate it. Next is the number of risers; its great to have the 2R+G reminder but I also need to play with the efficiency of the riser going relationship to firstly see what fits as well as what is best for the user. Currently it seems that PlusSpec assumes that risers are set by the maximum of 190mm. If I want them to be more like 150mm [and my 2R+G formula is within range] its not possible.

Would be great to be able to offer this the the user.

Hi Andrew, yes this is possible, we have put in the list of things to do and will let you know when it is done. Currently it is set to maximum efficiency as less risers = more treads.

Sure, the only thing is as I mentioned, I would rather a ‘softer’ stair [165ish riser] if I can get it to work. Just feels a better transition…

We will keep you updated on the progress. It is currently on the list of things to do.

Kind Regards

Thanks mate.

While on the subject of maximum risers, I think it’s a good idea to also consider changing the stair DC to identify a stair that requires a landing [above 18 risers which is the maximum allowable under the BCA]. Currently, I can enter 4000mm for the total flight rise and result in a 22 riser stair.

Also, I’ve noticed that the Stair DC includes a tread [going] at the top of the stair when in actual fact a flight of stairs start with a a riser from the top down…

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for another great suggestion for the stairs. All of your suggestions will be made and released together.

I agree with your suggestion. Keep up the good work and enjoy!

Kind Regards