STAIRCASE resets orientation after editing

I havent done full testing on this but here is the scenario
create L-shaped spine staircase,
with ‘Edit Stair’ dialog still open,
use interact tool to change orientation,
change something in ‘Edit Stair’ dialog and ‘Submit’
the staircase resets orientation .

This also happens after closing the dialog, and then re-selecting, and ‘Edit Stair’

PlusSpec is awesome !

Good Day Jwhida,

Thanks for your post.

I have passed this along to the development team to look into, however in the meantime you can use the interact tool each time the stair is modified to achieve your desired orientation.

Could you please try this and let me know how it goes?

yes re orientating the staircase again after editing works

That one got me a few times if you ever want to step outside of the stair configurations you can right click and explode the stairs. In saying this we have created a new stair tool that has some excellent functionality, stay tuned for the release.