Stacked Windows

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to install one parametric window above another? See image. If not parametrically with framing adjustments, can I somehow cut a wall opening above the lower windows and copy a window into the hole?

Stacked Window.JPG

I ran into the same situation and would also like an answer to this question. Would also like to know if the lintel for the lower window can be deleted as I would only require a lintel for the top window.

At this stage, you cannot place a window over another window (in the same wall). You will need to draw the stacked window to the side, and then move it into your desired position (above another window). It is actually quite a quick process.

You can turn off window lintels by clicking on the window options tool, selecting the window that you want to edit, and then turning lintels to off (found in the edit window/door dialogue). Note: This dialogue can sometimes hide behind the main Window Tool dialogue - so simply drag that dialogue out of the way.

We hope this helps.