Stacked voids

Stacked voids.JPGHi all,

I’m doing some early concept pricing with tiltup panels, I’m using 8m panels. The issue I’m finding is that I can’t seem to stack voids vertically (either multiple door/window voids or a mixture).

I’ve tried coping one of the openings and stacking manually, which works, until I edit the copied void (the lower void has a 300mm higer head)… it disappears as soon as I touch it.

The closest I can get is using SU rectangle with push and pull and voiding, it leaves an annoying strip at the threshold but fine.

Just wondering if it really needs a work around or I’m missing something?



Found a better workaround.

Draw void off center and use redefine tool to correct the size.

Stack void work around 1.JPG

There are multiple ways to do everything in PlusSpec for SketchUp. Great work! =)

The issue with stacked voids is still on our development list, but it does not have high priority at the moment.