Span tables for timber construction and estimating

Guys, span tables is anyone using them at the design stage?
Ok, I’ll be to the point, the floor thickness has a huge impact on the rest of the model.
Eg 1. If you have a roof that travels between the ground floor and level 2 your size will impact the wall height above. So getting it right early in the design stage will have a huge impact on redrawing later and also buildability
2. The floor joist size will have an impact on the stair height and the finished floor level & in some cases it could help you with height planes and overshadowing.

A long time ago we actually create a floor joist calculator that was inside the floor joist tool, would anyone like to take it for a spin? It is still in Alpha (because we got sidetracked) but it is a cool tool, especially considering the lack of timber/wood materials available due to covid.
Here is an example of a Span table for softwood floor joists in Australia and New Zealand
Softwood Span table domestic MGP10 floor joists 70x45 90x35 90x45 120x35 120x45 140x35 140x45 190x35 240x35 240x45 290x45.jpg

Guys, you can add these span tables to your members in PlusDesignBuild; See this image:Adding span tables to members in PlusDesignBuild.jpg We did this using the create material button in floor joists. This helps ensure your project is buildable and reduces the likelihood of mistakes in design and estimating.

Note: the image above is graded battens over level ceiling joists, it is slightly over-engineered but hey…