Spam Issue

First post on the forum. Bit of a spam problem with someone trying to contact admin…maybe? :wink:
Just saying, but I digress.
Devo here from down under wondering what everyone is up to?
I’m trialling PlusSpec for the first time…hope I don’t have to contact admin though…doesn’t look like much of a response so far.
Interested to see how long it takes for someone to stop the spam though…moderators don’t seem to mind too much.
Good thing it’s not my discord server, or someone would be getting booted… :smiley:
Happy PlusSpecing people.

:unamused: Oh, my goodness. . .they’re relentless.
Our apologies for the spam. . .they always catch us out over the weekend but they’ll be out of the way shortly.

Yeh, darn spammers. Argggghhh, we try to ban them as much as possible, but they keep coming back.