Snap mode for doors and windows

Guys, referring to the pink inferencing line that appear when inputting doors and windows; is there any reason why the standard snap modes within SketchUp couldn’t be adopted? It just makes sense to me for the users experience of PlusSpec to be as easily manipulated as it is for SU…

Hi Andrew,

The pink line is there so that you wouldn’t get confused with other inferencing lines. How would you like the inputting of windows to look?

I think this is a good request, & we did have it this way. I found that it became cumbersome due to the automatic transparent mode, essentially it was snapping to many points in the background.
Why did we make it automaticlaly transparent?? We did this so you could trace over a plan easily and see where eh windows were. I’m not sure sure if you are aware you can type in the window location in the VCB
window locations in PlusSpec.jpg

Thanks Andrew, yes I’m aware of the xray mode for tracing over plans / images. I’ll have a bit more of a play with it and see what I think of it. Just a little different that’s all…

Hi Andrew,

How are you finding this now? Would be great to hear an update.

Kind Regards