Sloped Walls


I have attached an image of a house i’m trying to reproduce in PlusSpec. I’m unsure how to create the wall that slopes from the right hand side of the building downwards to the left?

Hi Terina,

If you follow the steps below you will be able to do this. I was unaware of the wall type and building materials you are using so I just used a standard Brick Veneer with Austral Bricks.

  1. The first thing I do when doing unusual walls or models is to set up my drawing with just basic line and text. Check below.


  1. Is to setup your wall with heights and materials based off your preperation.

Wall Set Up.jpg

  1. Draw your wall and make sure your wall matches up with your preparation drawing.

Drawn Wall.jpg

  1. Now you want to go inside the component/group and select the face you need to push-pull. Once the face is selected (blue dots) you then can draw your line that you would like to cut so that the wall becomes slopped.

Selecting Your Face.jpg

  1. You then want to grab SketchUps Push-Pull tool. With the push Pull Tool you want to push it back the same distance as the thickness of that wall. See Below.

Push Pull Your Selected Face.jpg

  1. You now want to do this for your insulation or other wall.

Do Same For both Walls.jpg

  1. You will now be finished. Make sure that it matches with your preparation. Once done you can then delete your preparation.


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Thanks Dean,


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