Sliding door with sidelight

I am testing the app by recreating a project in “bim” mode. I am finding the door & window portion quite frustrating. I am simply trying to create a sliding door with a side light as per the image. The door section only allow top lights for some reason. I have tried creating a custom window, but cannot add an opening section. i have tried creating 3 different windows and stacking them on top of each other, but the included lintels prevent that. When I add any window tight up against the door a sliver of wall remains.

What is the best approach here, as this should really be a fairly standard operation.


Hi Sebastian,

At the moment the way that you’ve done it is one of the only way to do it, where you stack the windows and doors near each other. The sliver of wall left after doing this can be deleted if you click into the wall and delete the face but will be added back if you either change the wall or windows/doors. The only other way to do it is to select ‘None’ in the Window or Door Tools which will create an opening and then drawing the exact window or door in manually using SketchUp tools.

In the future there will probably be an easy way to create custom window and door configurations.

The front door or swinging external door has the ability to add in sidelights, simply add the door and the go to window and door edit tool and enable the sidelights and choose the amount of sidelights or high light you require.