Slab takeoff when pushpull slab

I have noticed if I modify any of the slabs, eg. Adjust a footing for a larger pad footing, using the push pull method. It wont quantify the slab at all when I do a take off.

Is it possible to modify like this and still have the takeoff calculate it correctly.

Similarly I have noticed in the roofing tool when You push pull the roof sheathing to its correct thickness it generates a second face. So the takeoff calculates it twice based on two faces. Is there a way to adjust this so I can set up the construction detail correctly and still have it quantify the right amount?


When pushing and pulling a slab or anything that needs to be quantified in a cubic measure, you should always ensure all edges and faces are intact. To be quantified as a cubic measure, the item must be manifold (watertight).

When you push-pull an item measured as a square measure, it will also increase the square measure by length, breadth and depth as you essentially increase the size of the roof.
To overcome this, delete the face at the base. I am not sure why you are push-pulling the face, though. If it is due to clashing faces of the tile batten, it would be best to turn the batten tag/layer off.

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