Slab Takeoff/Estimate m2

Project home Slabs are typically a set class and thickness, eg M Class Waffle Pod Slab 20MPa, 85mm thick slab, which are charged by area (m2). The Slab tool Takeoff/Estimates in volume (m3).
Is there a way to:

  1. Takeoff/Estimate the m2 area of the slab?
  2. Quantify different classes, rather than the default?
    *** In the image below, the “Underslab Termite Barrier” has been replace with a newly created material and price called “M Class Waffle Pod Slab - 20MPA”, which seems to be a suitable workaround.

Slab Takeoff-Estimate.png

Good Day Ashleydadd,

Thanks for your post.

I will break this post up into two parts two answer your questions;

  1. To get the m2 area of the slab to appear in the takeoff, we would recommend selecting a material for the ‘Slab Surface’ field (you may want/need to create a material here) as this will apply a material to the top face of the slab. Please note that this wont estimate the m2 of the recess in the footings, just the top of the slab (e.g where the walls sit). Could you please try this and let me know hos it goes for you?

  2. Would it be possible to get more information about your second question? I ask so we can give you the best possible answer to achieve your desired end result.

Thank you and have a great day.

Hey Ashleydadd, the first thing that I noticed in the image was that you are estimating in millimetres, and yes it will be easier if you estimate in metres. Here is how to change this: Go to the job tool, scroll down to settings and change the units to metres. See image change take off settings to metres in plusspec.jpg this will fix your issue.

BTW we are looking at adding Reinforcement into concrete for to bring us closer to Virtual Design and Construction, and have estimates closer to reality than they are now. Do you have any thoughts or requests on this?Adding reinforcement to a slab in BIM software for VDC and a BOQ and estimating PlusSpec.jpg

BTW, if you do not care about the cubic metres of concrete you should do what Zach says or you can simply create the top of the slab by using “Thickness only” in your case 85mm for M class and then use the footing tool to create you edge beams and internal slab beams. I personally like to know both measures as it allows me to update the price to my customers if the rate of concrete per cube goes up. If the contractor is not passing this on well that is a bonus to you. I use thermite barrier measure ( I actually created a material that is 1200x1200 squares) for waffle pods measures as the residual at footings form part of the calculation for waste. Estimating concrete can be done very accurately and efficiently once you set yourself up mate.
BTW we are working pretty hard on the functionality in this tool so anyone who has some feedback please let us know.