Slab recess at the slab tool

Hi Guys,
I just did a slab for a new dwelling using slab tool :slab-tool: but my design have different recess along the perimeter (86mm then nothing at the rear veranda with no stepdown). How can I make it continuously with recess along the slab then it become no recess for few meters then recess again. Cant find option at slab tool.

Hi Gene,

Thanks for posting!

The first thing to remember in this situation is that you are still inside Sketchup - You can push / pull any element of the slab after selecting it.

Ensure that this is the final step after you have made your slab - As drawing a new slab will undo any Push / Pull’s.

As a quick guide to do this:

  1. Select the Rebate on the Slab - Triple Click on the rebate until you reach the base component you wish to edit as shown below: (Providing the component stays as a solid it will quantify this.

  1. Use the rectangle tool to select the area you wish to modify.

  1. Click the rectangle and it will display as below.

  1. Use the Push / Pull tool to move the section of the rebate up.

  1. Enjoy!



Why I didnt think that…im in sketchup…Thanks Dan!