Skirting Issues

How do I add Skirting or baseboard to a wall in 3d?

Hi buidiena3,

Thank you for your post and my apologies in the delayed response.

The current skirting feature in the Floor Tool doesn’t automatically cut for windows or doors however they can be added when drawing the flooring. This is done by clicking either side of the opening and pressing the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac - this may differ on different Macs). The drawing line will turn bold when the cut is active.

There doesn’t appear to be an image attached so if the above info doesn’t help can you please send it across?

Would you be able to please let me know if the above works for you?

Stop the press the Skirting is now inside the wall tool.

The Skirting/ baseboard, Cornice/ crown molding and also cove bead for around the soffit is now inside the wall tool. when you add a door or window it will automatically cut the finishes and quantify the actual lengths when estimating or generating a Bill of Quantities.
If you do not have the latest version go to and update.
Also, we just released a new version of PlusSPec called PlusDesignBuild, you probably guessed it from the name, it is for Design-Build firms and there is a big focus on Advanced estimating and Quantity Takeoffs for Builders and tradespeople yet there is also a lot functionality for Design Firms and Architects. The idea is to have buildings drawn virtually with the aim of reducing plan error, oversights and expensive rework onsite as well as calculating cost. You can find out more here

Ensure all layers are turned on. Use the “See All” button in PlusDesignBuild, ensure you have all required items ticked in your trim option in the wall tool .