Skillion window

Hi Dean,
I am trying to put 2 skillion windows to a gable end. I have placed them in but am not sure how to remove the external cladding wall properly, your corner window and void window tutorials don’t quite give me the right answer as I cannot parametrically change the wall with an angled window. I have tried to put a line around the window and push pull but cant get the external cladding off as the gable seems to have 2 faces.
Any advice would be handy please
skillion window.jpg

Hi Sam,

There are a few reasons as to how and why this is not working.

Follow my steps below. Make sure you follow each step closely.

  1. Insert your Skillion or Gable window and place them where you would like.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding.jpg

  1. Select the front of the wall and go into it until you see blue dots over the front of the wall like this.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding2.jpg

  1. Now using sketchUps ‘Line Tool’ draw trace around the outside of your window. The blue dots should now be inside the triangle you just drew.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding3.jpg

  1. Use SketchUps ‘Push Pull Tool’ and pull it back to the inside of the external cladding. See below.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding4.jpg

  1. Now select your plasterboard and make the blue dots appear just like in step 2.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding5.jpg

  1. Now this time you want to trace around the inside of your windows framing just like shown below.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding6.jpg

  1. Use the Push/Pull tool just like step 4 and pull it to the back side of the plasterboard.

Placing Skillion Windows into External Cladding7.jpg

You should now be able to see through the windows and will look normal.

Kind Regards

Morning Dean,
Sorry to bother you again, but I have followed your instructions and still seem to be stuck. I am finding I am having difficulty push puling the parts of the wall out properly, Would you have any idea what I could possibly be doing wrong,
Thanks Sam

Hi Dean,

I finally got it after playing around over and over again, and to be honest, I don’t know what I did different to make it work.

Do you think you could put a video tutorial up on your youtube page on this so we can see exactly what to do. It would be good to reference this in the futrue

Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

Good to hear that you were able to do this.

I will add it down to the list for tutorials. We have many coming.

Kind Regards