Skillion Roof

PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: PlusSpec 23.2 (Rbz 23.2.0)
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 22
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
Profession: Designer/Draftsperson

My Skillion Roof tool is no longer working. It just gives me a roof face and 1 side face. Also, for the other roof tools, Is sheathing, vapor barrier and insulation suppose to be flat faces? This is how they appear with no depth and I havn’t found info on this. I also need to know how to do an eave on just a short portion of a side and was assuming that I could do this with skillion but its not working for me.


Hi Jason,

We recently released v23.3.0 which has changes to the Skillion Roof Tool. Can you please update to this version & let me know if the issue still occurs?

Using the Ctrl key whilst drawing skillion roofs will enable/disable overhangs for each side of the roof. If you go to the orange ? icon in the dialog there should be a video showing how to do this.
There is also a new feature in the new release that allows the eaves around skillion roofs to be individually adjusted after they’ve been drawn.

Hi Grant,

I have installed the updated version and the skillion tool still not working. I am familiar with the tool as it was working the first few days after my first installation of the program.


Hi Jason,

The next thing I would suggest doing is to restore your factory default. To do this go to Extensions > PlusSpec > Restore Factory Default & then select OK when the dialog appears.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue can you please open the Ruby Console (Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console) & then replicate the issue. If a message appears in the dialog can you please send it to us?