SketchUp 22 right click menus

I’ve just started using SketchUp 22 and PlusSpec and am wondering if there is a way to get right click menus to operate how they did in 21?

I’ve attached an image of right clicking a wall in 21 and trying to create similar its only 1 menu to navigate, but now in 22 its 2 menus to navigate. Is there a way to change it back to 1 menu, super annoying to have to do this now every time. Even in general the right click menus/options are different to 21…
right click wall 22.JPG
right click wall 21.JPG

Hi natpjs,

Thank you for your enquiry.

There currently isn’t an option to use the old right-click menu structure. This change was made to improve workflow because the lists were getting quite large due to all the new options being added. Note: The next version will have some changes to the right-click menus (there isn’t a confirmed release date just yet).

I would be happy to assist you if you have any further enquiries.