Skalp and PlusSpec

I have now decided to go “full-SketchUp Pro” (coming from AutoCAD and Revit) and am about to purchase some add-ons for use in creating architectural designs and detail drawings for small to medium sized projects. Top of my list is PlusSpec quickly followed by Skalp. I just cannot be without the ability to have on-the-fly hatching in my model. I don’t want to start creating hatched regions in LayOut as this is duplicate and time-consuming work.

I have read a couple of discussions on Skalp’s compatibility with PlusSpec in here but wanted to know definitively if they now work harmoniously together?

Hi JuJitsoup,

Thanks for reaching out! Please note that PlusSpec also has a section hatching tool built in. It is not as complex as Scalp, but still enables you to fully (and very quickly) control your section hatching for each material, etc.

We have had several users mention that they use PlusSpec with Scalp successfully. However, I am unsure of the setup, etc. I suggest that you start with the PlusSpec section hatching and then look to Scalp if you require something more complex.

Let me know if you need any help.

Hi Drew, is there a trial period where we can test stuff like this out for a bit and see if it fits our needs etc? I’m essentially considering the same stuff as JuJitsoup.

Hi Kerber,

We have a 1 month Trial of PlusSpec so you can do exactly that! We also offer an online demo while you are doing the Trial so you can go over any issues or concerns that you have had with the trial. It is only a Trial after-all, and it’s more about getting a feel for the software.