Site Plan tool

Hi guys, I’m sure I mentioned this in a post at some point but can’t seem to find it here. [Maybe it was an email]

What PlusSpec really needs is a 2D site plan tool for setting up boundaries of the site. Could be as simple as:

  1. Activate tool
  2. Click start point
  3. [dialogue box appears] input segment length and bearing then enter. The first boundary segment is added just as you would be drawing a line.
  4. Continue the process until closure

Obviously give the universal nature of PS, an option for the user to fix their setting s of orientation of north, input mode [00d00’00", 00d00S, 00D00’00"E, etc, etc…]

Many time where a site configuration is not simply rectilinear it will not close do to minuet angles but can be closed manually.

A nice little touch would be to add a component of a small circle to each junction…

Any thoughts?

Thanks Andrew, we have been working on a sit tool at also works with contours. Your suggestions are helpful thanks. :sunglasses:
It will be some time next year.


This sounds amazing - can’t wait!!

Just thought bump this old post about a site plan tool… Any thoughts on developing it in the near future?

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reminding us about this.

I’m not sure when this will be added but I will pass it onto the development team for further discussion.