I’m busy creating a new materials to replicate our SIPS wall panels. I’m using the Solid wall type, and than added a 120 x 35mm top wall plate, however I also need a 45 x 120 mm Bottom plate, and there doesn’t seem to be a option to add one. What would you suggest? :wall-tool:

Also, I’ve created a 6mm fiber cement interior cladding and it doesn’t show up when the wall is drawn.
And Yes, I did click SUBMIT to update my wall incase that is what you think my error is :wink:

Hi aimejayne,

I would suggest using the Beam Tool to generate the bottom plate. There are a few things to note if you choose this method, which I’ve listed below.

  • Note1: If the wall is to be placed on top of the bottom plate the height of the wall may need to be adjusted to suit.
  • Note2: If you do Note1 & need to add doors to the wall, use the “none” option to create a blank opening & draw the door using the Custom Door Tool (this is because the bottom of the wall would be raised up).
  • Note3: If the wall is raised all openings will need to be adjusted for this offset.
  • Note4: If you want the beam tagged correctly in the takeoff, use the ‘Takeoff Tag’ field (#4 in below image) to assign the member type. You may need to add an option to the list which can be done via the Import/Export buttons.

Bottom Plate Using PlusDesignBuild Beam Tool.png

The visibility of internal linings is off by default so that walls will align when you draw them. To turn them on use the See All tool or generate scenes using the Scene Tool.

See All & Scene Tool in PlusDesignBuild.png
Would you be able to let me know if this works for you?

Most use a framed wall for sip panels but change the stud spacing to the panel spacing for joining. I would need to see an example of the SIP wall type you are trying to build to give better feedback.
Most SIP wall manufacturers in the USA then use the wall panel tool in PlusDesignBuild to create panel/shop drawings of each individual SIP. I hope that helps