SIP walls

Hi, is it possible to create SIP walls znd do a take off, see .att
we draw a SIP panel with profile builder, most standard lengths, but sometimes not, how can I do this with plusspec and do a takeof?

Sip walls are easy enough to draw in PlusSpec, personally I use the Grid tool :grid-tool: add the SIP size in the Grid spacing and left-click on the grid when drawing. This will section your wall sizes yet you will not be able to add a window on the join for obvious reasons. SIPS can be restrictive when it comes to customisation in construction so using the Grid will enable you to add the spacing according to where you want your windows and doors to go.

If you are looking to quantify SIPs I would use and use recipes and associate the SIP name with the recipe. If you do not want to quantify the inner parts of the SIP simply exclude the items form the takeoff.

Ok, I took a subscription to PlusDesignBuild. How do I create a reusable SIP panel as shown in my previous attachment?
For example: inner layer 12.5 mm cement board (MgO), insulation 225 mm polyutherane, outer layer 12.5 mm cement board (MgO)
If I can create this, can I save it for future use, can I make it parametric, and is there a possibility to have a rebate (40 mm) on each side (left, right, top, bottom) which I can put on or off if required?

Hi wallplus,

I’m unable to see the SIP panel example you mentioned you previously attached. Would you be able to please attached it again to the post? Also, we’ve been making some improvements to the Wall Tool to give it more functionality which may also help you out here. We’re expecting to have this available sometime early next year.

Regarding how to save the walls for future use, I answered this in another post on the forum. I’ve put a link to this post below.