SIP Panels

Hi Team,

Our guy Cem has been trialing the software, but he’s having trouble introducing our SIP panels into your system. Second issue is unit costs again he’s failing to get to a linear m cost rate on any custom items he can introduce. Attached is our youtube video that he previously did in Sketchup. This shows the wall build up we are trying to achieve, is this possible? Standard SIP panels are 1200mm width and story heights to 3000mm, from these we cut to suit wall lengths machining edges to take timbers where required. Cems is saying standard components seem to be just masonry and timber frame, however on one of your tutorial videos there seems to be a SIP type build up.

Regards Paul Iredale

Hi Paul, I briefly had a look at the YouTube video for your sip panels and they look like a combination of several wall types which would mean that you may have to draw multiple iterations over each other to get the preferred end result.
In short, PlusDesignBuild does not do this wall System by default as it is more of a proprietary system that is not common in my experience.

What is the desired outcome Paul? Do you want to draw construction docs for the Council or animations for clients and then do a BOQ for ordering and shop drawings for the factory floor?

Paul/Alyssa, I don’t know what version of the software you are using but I suspect you are using PlusSpec Pro, which is not for estimating; you need PlusDesignBuild, which will give you cut lengths of walls, and materials and quantify components