since update to ver. 24.0.0 Roof and cost codes errors

PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: Version 24.0.0
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 23
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
Profession: Builder


Since the update to Ver. 24.0.0 I cannot build a roof or create a cost code template. My wall does not get the 45 degrees anymore since I updated to 24.0.0
Thanks, Rod

Hmm my roof tool works fine, can you quickly test creating a rectangle and then right click create roof?
Are you getting any red error tags? Maybe a field is not filled in.
I dont know what 45deg wall tool means. Are you taking about the wall frame?
Also you should sync as there are new materials available.

I’ll have to check the cost codes.

Works fine on my machines as well, do you get a ruby console error?