setting up guidelines and layers


I’ve started watching the workflow tutorials and have found them very helpful in answering many questions i’ve had, however they have bought up more questions lol!!
So in Villa Savoye_ PlusSpec for SketchUp_Advanced Tutorial Part2 it explains setting up levels with guidelines and grid lines. How do you do this? Is there a tutorial for it?
Also with the layers i can create new layers but am unaware of the best practice for assigning them to levels.


Hi TeRinaBEH,

For Gridlines/Construction lines, please go to our Miscellaneous playlist: … Q&index=23

Please also see our common errors tutorial for layers:

I hope this helps.

Hey Drew,

Yeah, I just found the common errors tutorial before you responded, lol!! Will checkout the miscellaneous playlist now.
Thanks heaps.

I hope that the video tutorials helped, and that you are enjoying PlusSpec.