selecting multiple items

In this tutorial - Villa Savoye_PlusSpec for SketchUp_Advanced Tutorial Part7 the cloumn material needs to be changed. Each column is selected and then the material edited. Was each column selected individually or is there an option to select all items at once?

Hi TeRinaBEH,

In this particular instance, each column was selected manually by holding down the ctrl key (for PC), and left clicking each column. This is because there were only certain columns that I wanted to select.

Another method to quickly select everything of a single type/layer, is to hide all layers at once, except for the layer that you want to select at once. This means that you can select everything on that layer, without any of the unwanted geometry getting selected also. After you have selected everything, you can simply turn the visibility of all other layers back on.

I hope this is clear.

Hi Drew,

Thanks, got it now.