Section Hatching

Hi team,

Still very new to the software but cant find any info on this. 2 part question to do with hatching.
Is there any way to add a thickness to things like the roofing materials? or soffits? when I got to manage and create its not allowing a thickness in the material editor.

Or can you add custom hatching to elements like if I were to make the roof thickness manually can I get the hatch editor to fill it in (I want to see the roofing in section shown 20mm thick with a hatch in it). I have multiple occasions where I want this over and above the roof.

I have been using Curic Section for some time which allows you to assign any tag its own colour / material. The issue I had with Curic is I couldn’t use different colours between sections and floor plans. Plus Design and Build allows different material selections between each scene however some items have no solid fill at all such as skirtings timber frames shown in section soffit linings.

As above I am very new to this so any tips here I’m keen to hear them


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your post & for reaching out.

There currently isn’t a way to add a thickness to these parts of roofing as it would add unnecessary geometry to the model. However, if you’d like these parts to show a thickness in sections, I would recommend manually drawing them when you’re doing the documentation in Layout, but it can also be done in SketchUp (in preparation for Layout).

Currently, the Section Hatching Tool has been created to add section hatching for walls, slabs & footings. Any other object within the model will need to be manually drawn in (as mentioned above).

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the response, I have been tied up on other projects so developing my Plus Design & Build skills has been on the back burner a bit.

I have been looking into the section hatching again and am having issues when I move a wall. the sketchup colours update accordingly however the layout hatches don’t update at all and require this to be completed manually. I understand this is due to them being created when the drawings are exported but there must be another way than doing it manually.

Are you looking to update anything regarding section hatching?
I really struggle with the fact we are completing really good accurate models and fast using PlusSpec but then have to overlay hatches or blocks in layout when you have a tool that all but completes the process for you. it is heavily restrained by only allowing certain layers to be used.

I would love to see something like that attached image where I can hatch anything generated in sketchup weather it be a PlusSpec element or not and then assign any material in the model to it. this means when I update the layout file everything gets updated accordingly.
I can do work-arounds to make it work like you see in the image but your section hatching tool allows for more variance between section cuts than what I use however its been limited so much


Hi User 18, The technical reason is we dont have acces to Layouts back end in this case, or it would be done now .
There is a quick work around though. I usually export my sections and plans to a Draft layout file if I have amended the drawing as a revision. I then open the draft Layout file and copy and paste the hatching and auto dimensions into the master file. This saves all the hassle and only takes 30 seconds.
Note different section hatches are on different Layout layers, so it is eaisest to turn off the visibility of the layers you do not want on and push CTRL A to select all CTRL C to copy and then go to the master file and use CTRL V.
I also do the above when dimansioing anything a steh sectio hatch overlay is sooooo much easie rto dimension to wall length as there are less snap points.

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