Section Hatching in 2019

it seems like there is something going on with the section hatching. I haven’t done a lot of exploring yet, but when I try to place a hatching it makes one big blank field that blocks out everything. Has anyone encountered this yet?



Section cut face filled textured sections in Sketchup.pngHello Dawson, I just came across this today myself, I have brought it to the attention of the dev team. Thanks for pointing this out, it appears to be a Sketchup 19 compatibility issue as I just tried running a live section in Sketchup 18 and it works fine.
Hey Dawson, I hope you are using the PlusSpec 19 version, it is 10 times faster. If not, you can get it at the sign-in page, here is the link

Hi there, wondering of there is any word on that hatching tool? I am using version 19.1. I have starting doing my hatching by hand or in Layout which is fine, but Plus spec should be doing it…


Hi Dawson,

We are currently making changes in and around the Section Hatching Tool which will be in one of the coming releases. I believe these changes will improve your experience with section hatching & Layout.

HI there,

Just updating to say that I’m still having the section issue. Doing a front section in this case, it just makes a big solid plane that doesn’t include the section of the object(s). It doesn’t seem to be an issue from every perspective. I’ll see if I can narrow it down…



I’m also having problems with Section hatching. Seem to constantly get a large grey face appearing within the section plane once I hit “Create section hatching”. I end up deleting this face as it obscures the whole model.